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Securing the Future of Digital Mental Wellbeing with DŌBRA 🚀

Warsaw, Poland

Dom Towarowy Braci Jabłkowskich, Bracka 25

March 21th, 2024, 6.00 PM CET

Only 100 seats available, so apply now!



Join the captivating discussion of researchers, investors and DŌBRA Startups on advances and opportunities in the most resonance domain today

Researchers Panel Discussion

Delve the trendiest and most controversial topics in mental wellbeing tech – from early intervention tools to ethical implications of NLP (Natural Language Processing). Uncover the potential of data science for complex cognitive tasks and more.

Investors Panel Discussion

Delve into investment trends and crucial considerations in this essential sector. Gain insights into exits, M&As, risk assessment, unique challenges, and scalability of digital mental wellbeing solutions across diverse demographics.

Public Talk

Public talk with the author of the book "A Founder's Mental Journey" Leen de Bruyne. In this brief warm-up session, we'll emphasize the critical importance of mental health in the startup ecosystem.


We practice what we preach

Championing a positive impact, DŌBRA propels Digital Mental Wellbeing

forward in its inaugural batch, prepared to showcase

its transformative endeavours.

You will be the first to see DŌBRA Mental Wellbeing cohort solutions in real life – everything, that we've poured our brains, hearts and souls into for the past 8 months.


Meet the crew of our spaceship –

our speakers

Alexander Chekan


Chief of Staff at Palta, health & well-being tech company behind Flo, the #1 period tracker in the US with 62 million monthly active users

Darya Danilava


Co-Founder & Adviser at Elatra, an online coaching platform for tech companies that enables employees to grow and thrive through expert coaching services

Leen de Bruyne


Scale-up Entrepreneur, Founding Partner at Living Hope VC, author of the book ‘A Founder's Mental Journey'

Dr. Christina Spragg


Clinical Psychologist and Global Workplace Mental Wellness Consultant, delivering neuroscience-based workplace programs for elevated mental fortitude, resulting in unparalleled performance

Tom Van Daele


Clinical Psychologist and Research Coordinator in Psychology and Technology at Thomas More University of Applied Sciences, Research Fellow at KU Leuven, Visiting Scholar at Queen's University Belfast

Audra Elena Shallal


Vice President of Corenvest, Board Member of EBAN, SBA, I4W, Co-Founder of Flying Finn Angels, Expert Jury Member for the European Commission's European Innovation Council (EIC) and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA)

Vital Laptenok


General Partner at Flyer One Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm. Has already invested in over 60 startups and deployed $35M within 4 years.

Palina Kavalchuk


Psychologist, ex-Director & Business Executive at and AIMATTER (aсquired by Google)

Darya Zhuk


Business lawyer with 15+ years of experience in M&A, Corporate Advisory & Governance, Venture Capital, independent board member, Co-Founder and Head of Legal & Partnerships at DŌBRA

Seats are numbered, so join now!

Connect with mental health & wellbeing startups, health tech pioneers, impact enthusiasts, investors, and ecosystem players.

An evening filled with opportunities to exchange ideas and forge partnerships.

Only 100 seats available, so apply now!